Andreas Antzoulis

Andreas Antzoulis

 Independent Non-Executive Director

Andreas Antzoulis Independent Non-Executive Director.

Andreas Antzoulis was born in Limassol, Cyprus. Andreas spent most of his adult life in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

He studied Law in the United Kingdom and attained a Bachelor of law degree from Coventry university and a Master of Law degree from Bedfordshire University.

Andreas began his professional career in Dubai in 2009, within the field of construction as assistant legal advisor at Wade Adams Contacting LLC. 

In 2011 Andreas relocated to Cyprus and subsequently attained employment in the finance sector as legal advisor at Deloitte Investment Services Ltd. In 2013 due to growing opportunities within various family investments in the financial markets and the retail sector, Andreas decided to resign from his job at Deloitte and start managing the family projects full-time in Cyprus and Dubai. Subsequently due to the decision to pursue entrepreneurship at a young age, Andreas has fine-tuned his skills in human resource management, business process management, strategy, and negotiation.

 Andreas has been actively managing his family investment portfolio since 2013. In 2018 Andreas also launched a family general consulting firm, A&K Antzoulis and Associates Ltd where he currently holds the position of Vice president. Today, Andreas’s main areas of expertise are Start-ups, Business development, Sales and Marketing.