Custodian Banks

With Former Banks directors and private bankers as part of Alma Europe s team The Company brings more than 20 years of financing experience.

Alma Europe has identified well-respected top-tier custodian banks in Europe (Cyprus, Luxembourg, Switzerland) and selected them for being the best service providers to meet its clients’ specific needs. We have negotiated with the best custodian banks in the exclusive interest of our clients. The banks we work with are highly capitalized, experts in their role, with excellent credit ratings, very good market reputation, and offering a high level of professionalism. Alma Europe is not remunerated by the custodian banks with which it cooperates.

The Role of the Custodian Bank

The main roles and tasks of the custodian banks are:

  • To hold in safekeeping various assets/securities of Alma Europe’s clients (i.e. stocks, bonds, funds, structured notes, cash)
  • Arrange settlement of any trades (purchases, sales) and deliveries of such securities (in/out) and currency orders by Alma Europe and/or its clients
  • Collect information and income from such assets (dividends in the case of stocks/equities) and coupons (interest payments in the case of bonds) and administer related tax withholding documents and foreign tax reclamation
  • Administer voluntary and involuntary corporate actions on securities held such as stock dividends, stock splits, business combinations (mergers, tender offers , bond calls, etc.)
  • Provide information on the securities and their issuers such as annual general meetings and related proxies
  • Maintain currency/cash bank accounts, effect deposits, and withdrawals, and manage other cash transactions
  • Perform foreign exchange transactions.