alain neyemer

Alain Neymeyer

Compliance Officer/AMLCO – Executive Director

Mr. Alain Neymeyer is the Company’ s Compliance AMLCO and an Executive Director. He has more than 25 years of experience in the banking and financial industry.

From 1996 to 2017, Mr Neymeyer worked for the most important Bank of Israel in a branch and a subsidiary based in Luxembourg. In 2000, he oversaw the internal control of the branch and became Compliance in 2004. 

His mission as Compliance officer were Client opening or closing approval, monitoring of Clients Names and transactions, screening of client risk, Risk Based approach, Anti Money Laundering Committee Member.

Additionally, to these specific tasks, Mr Neymeyer was HR of the Branch/Subsidiary in Luxembourg.

Previously, he worked in the accounting department of the Bank and in the Reconciliation Department in the same Bank.

Before to this long experience, Mr Neymeyer was Back-office employee in Bank Paribas Luxembourg and Templeton Global Strategic Services.

Alain has a Master in Economic and Social Administration in the French University of Metz and a bachelor’s degree.

More recently, Alain is a holder of the Advanced Certification of the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySec) and AML Certificate (CySec).